The replacement for this software is under development by Jones College.  The College Administration Software Project will be documented on this support site as it is tested and installed.  The first departments will be testing in early 2012.  Look For the future of Jones College Software here.

College Administration 2011-12 Project

CAWIN Software Project 1998





Jones College has developed its own software for Student Records Management and Administration.  The CAWIN application was developed by the Jones College IT Department.  The application is College Administration for Windows or what we call the CAWIN application.

The CAWIN help documents are accessible through selection from the menu items presented on the left of this page.  These are in the form of buttons for each section or department of interest. Unlisted items may be described in the Help System Developed within the application it self.  To access the applications help system press the F1 key on your keyboard while running the CAWIN application.