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This page and the menu above will guide you to additional information about the application. If there is need to expand on any topic or feature of the application you should request assistance from via email or add a support service request from this web site.

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Below is a view of the Faculty or Professor's Attendance Form. I have blurred the area that contains the student information for privacy. Once you have selected the Term and Professor, you can select from the Professors Sections to edit.   Select the Meeting Date that you want to process. With the Student Names showing for that section, the default setting for the Attended check box is show as having a check or True that the student attended. the class. You must edit each student record in turn to un check those that have not attended. After un checking a students record you must save the row or students data.

After you have completed all the absent records it is necessary to process the class. Use the process button to mark each record as having been processed for this meeting date. During the process the students that are marked as Absent (Not Checked) are automatically sent an email. Depending on the number of absent days and the number of consecutive absent days the message may differ. The message sent includes the professors contact information as well as the Dean's Office contact information. The email is sent to the student's email address of record.

You can follow along with these help documents if you visit the Application Web Site:
This is not a valid set of records. It contains test data so I can show you this screen.
Attendance Data Entry for Faculty...
The Student Names that are Shown in Red have been Withdrawn from the class. These records should not be edited for Attendance information. This is true even when the record is shown as having been present.

Once a student record has been marked as being withdrawn the Dean's Office must be contacted to change that value, or status.

Controls View   This area of the web page above is where you can select the Term, ofessor, Section and Meeting date to process.

You also have controls to alter the viewable Fields in the DataGrid.
Control Grid View Options   These check boxes can be used to view and in some cases edit the various values associated with the option name.
Check the Ssn check box to verify a students Social Security Number, Another option like Dates 1-10 or 11-20 show Absent Date fields in the grid, Grades and Grade points can also be shown. Counters show the total Absent days as well as the total of consecutive meeting days absent. If too many options are checked the width of the page margins are exceeded however the controls are still viewable. When Edit is used while grade fields are shown it is possible to enter your students grades.