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This page and the menu above will guide you to additional information about the application.  If there is need to expand on any topic or feature of the application you should request assistance from support@jones.edu via email or add a support service request from this web site.

Select from the web menu at the top of this page to see specific help information.

Below is a view of the Faculty Report Menu.  Select the report to view by Clicking the associated Button for that report.  Some reports will require additional selections.  

You can follow along with these help documents if you visit the Application Web Site:  https://Attendance.jones.edu/
Faculty Reports Menu

Tracking Report View and Controls   On this page to the left is the view of the Tracking Report.

Controls are present above the report to change the reported information.  Fields like Term, Campus, and Section can be changed to show the information of choice.

The Diskette icon can be used to save the report as a file in various formats.  Find can be used to locate specified information within the report.

The Printer Icon can be used to print the report.