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This page and the menu above will guide you to additional information about the application.  If there is need to expand on any topic or feature of the application you should request assistance from via email or add a support service request from this web site.

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Below is a view of the Student Schedule Report Request Form.  Students can obtain their Schedule Report via their email address on record.  
For security reasons they will be required to enter both First and Last name, as well as the last four digits of the SSN and their Date of Birth.  Once complete they should press the Find My Records Button.
If there is a record(s) found the number of schedule records found will be presented with the option to email the report to the students email address on record.

The email address on record will also be presented.  If the student sees the email address on record is not valid the student must contact the Dean's Office to have this corrected.  Once corrected by the Dean's Office, the student can return to this form and re-enter their data.

You can follow along with these help documents if you visit the Application Web Site:

Once the data is entered and the 'Find My Records' button is used, and the schedule or attendance records are not found, they should carefully check the information entered.  Once corrected retry the 'Find My Records' button.  It is possible that the Student Record may contain invalid data.  If this is the case the student should contact the Dean's Office to have it corrected.