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ASPNet User Management Tab Page   Use this page to add, manage, and remove Faculty or Professors ASPNet User Accounts.

ASPNet user accounts are needed for Professors to access the Attendance screens on the Web version of the Student Rosters and Attendance Application. Without a valid ASPNet account that has been additionally attributed with the Group or Role Membership(s) of Faculty or Dean the ASPNet user will not be able to access the Application Web Page for Attendance data entry.  When the accounts are created, using the features of this page, it is possible to attribute them with the necessary Membership(s) or Role(s) to enable the Faculty to access the application features desired.

When started, the Application inspects the Roster Records for the selected Term and then lists All Unique Professors in the left most DataGridView titled - Professors in (Term of Choice).  Those that have not been given a necessary ASPNet Account are marked with a BackGround Color of faded red.  The others that do have accounts are marked with a background color of Light Green.  It is possible to add any that do not have Accounts by using the Feature Button labeled 'Add Users' located above the DataGridView.

The DataGridView titled - User Names - is the list of Users that have ASPNet Accounts.  The row of DataGridViews contain related information about the selected professor (if the account exists).  When selected, the other DataGridViews locate the related account information.  In the case of the Role or Membership(s) information the selected record from the User Name Grid is checked to show the Membership(s) marked as 'checked' if the selected user is a member.  Editing is enabled by default, and if a selected user shows as not having any Memberships or Roles it is possible to Click the Check-Box next to the Role Name to create the association or membership.

The Accounts can not be accessed by the faculty using a default password.  The Default Password is not distributed.  The method to access the account is as follows:
New users are notified of the Account User Name [First Initial], [Last Name] in proper case, as in a user who is named John Smith would have a Username as JSmith.
The accounts are created with only one email address associated.  This is the address used to inform the user of the new password reset using the password reset page.  Navigate to the password reset page and enter the username to be reset.  The new Password is emailed to the entered user. The user then can access the account on the Login Page, or by attempting to utilize any of the protected pages within the Application Structure.

Please take care when issuing permission to named users, as any individual can register as a new user of this system, however only users given special permission can gain access to the application data and features needed to process reports and attendance data.  Faculty could create their own accounts, however they would still need a high level user such as the Dean of the College or System Administrator to provide Role Membership(s) in order to access student information.  No Faculty or other privileged user should give their access information to anyone.  Professors who have ASPNet User Accounts with Faculty Role Membership can only access Sections or Classes that they are listed the professor of.

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  With any Tab Page selected, the associated table records can be navigated to the First Record, Last Record, or enumerate through the record set.  Other features of the application can be access through controls available here.

Some controls are enabled or disabled depending on the features of the associated tab page or current function of the application.

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