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Email Message Content Management
Email Massage Content Management

This Tab Page will not be available to most users and is intended for those responsible to define messages distributed to Students and Professors as needed by the application.

Use this page to define email that will be automatically sent to students when a student is marked as absent.

The program application has preprogrammed values that are used to sent the student the proper message depending on the total number or total consecutive absences of record for the student in the class being processed.

This screen allows the editing of the email content for each predefined event.  DO NOT CHANGE the DESCRIPTION of existing message records.  The description field is used to select the correct message to send a student.

Controls on this Page    
Navigation Bar
Navagation Bar
  With any Tab Page selected the associated table records can be navigated to the First Record, Last Record, or enumerate through the record set.  Other features of the application can be access through controls available here.

Some controls are enabled or disabled depending on the features of the associated tab page or current function of the application.  Using your mouse you can select the various elements of this control as needed.

Email Message Record FieldsView Edit Fields   Viewing or Editing fields associated with the current record.  If a record is being added as a new message record to this data table, use these fields to describe the 'send to data' and the Description of the Message being added. Use these and other fields to fully describe and define the message content.  It is necessary to inform the Development Team of the Added Message and its intended function.  It is important to keep in mind that the Description Field is used in the course of this program to determine the message to be sent depending on the conditions of the records being processed.

DO NOT Change the Description of an existing message record without full understanding of this applications' features and methods of operation.

DataGridView   This is a data/grid/view control; it allows you to select a record and view the contents of each field.  You can also change the value associated with each of the fields shown.  When you move to another row within the grid the changes made within the fields of the previous row are saved.

 It is possible to use these fields to view and edit the data associated with them.  The various data types have a variety of control types used to best fit the need to display and edit the values.  Because of the Large number of data elements and available methods are used to assist you in tracking the state of each control.  As information is altered the BackColor of the control changes depending on the state of the control data.  If Edited the BackColor is Yellow, if Saved it is shown as Light Green, if the value is restored after an edit that is canceled the BackColor is shown as Light Blue.

    This paragraph field and the other numbered paragraph fields allow entry of the associated paragraph number into the message record.  If a paragraph is blank it will not be used in the message sent to the student or professor.  It is not known if the existence of a blank paragraph would cause any following paragraphs with valid data to be sent.  I would recommend not having blank paragraphs between valid ones.
Email Message Paragraphs