Jones College Software Development Projects


  Jones College Administrative Software 2012 JCAS

This support site contains help documents for the software currently under development by the Software Development Team.  To Access these documents  press the F1 key while running the Windows Forms version of these projects.  Some of these projects are already in production use by the staff of the College and its subsidiaries.  Use the menu below to access these documents.

Help Menu for Software Projects


  • Company Forms Under Development
  • Admissions Development Starts May 2012
  • Career Development
  • Bookstore
  • Records Office
  • Facilities Management (Release Estimated in April 2012)
  • Broadcast Operations (Operational since August 2011)
    • Log Import Program, Collects log data from the Live Boadcast Air Machines AM/FM.
    • Billing and Scheduling, Schedules Announcements, Billing and Log File Operations for WKTZ and WJAX.
    • Web Log Access, Presents Live broadcast Log Data to the Public as well as previous days on selection.