Lab Staff Documentation Project

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LSW Documentation Project

The campuses of Jones College have Student Labs that are used by the students for general computer work. They are also used as classrooms for certain classes as scheduled. To best support the students who use the labs, the College has a staff of Work Study Students who staff our Labs. They are available to assist students in their work and to do other work in support of the students of Jones College.

The LSW (Lab Staff Web) Documentation Project develops web support documentation to support the Students, Faculty and Staff of JonesCollege.

Phase 1 (Started March 2012)

Lab Staff Team Project

Develop Documentation for web publication to guide Lab Assistants in the process of developing web documents. Create web pages that provide tutorials on the use of Visual Studio 2010 for development of the Non-Public web site This web site is a mirror of the site. Provide help documents to train Lab Assistants in the process of the tasks needed to publish the documents.

Documents Produced

Phase 2

Produce and update all other documents within Once complete with a section or main area of the support web site. Report to the IT staff that the given section has been complete and is ready for review. The IT Staff will review and, if ready, publish to the live public site

Phase 3

Produce documentation and help web pages to specification for the JCAS Software project currently under development by the IT Staff.